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The GR20 Corsica, also known as fra li Monti is a GR footpath that crosses the Mediterranean French island of Corsica running approximately from north to south. The whole trail is about 180 km long with 12,000 m of elevation gain. Although it takes about 15 days to complete it, the route can be divided into 2 stages: the northern part, between Calenzana and Vizzavona, and the southern part, between Vizzavona and Conca.

This GR route is considered no of the toughest of all GR routes, are you brave enough to give it a try? For the GR20, some mountaineering experience is advisable. The trek requires some scrambling, use of chains, and a ladder (on the Northern section) and a confident step for the rocky landscape and mountain ridges. In order to face this challenge self-guided, you need to be a confident mountain walker and most importantly, you need to be able to read route notes and to locate your position on a map when necessary.

If you are looking for a true trekking adventure in Europe, the GR20 will do the trick. "The toughest trekking route in Europe", are you brave enough to give it a go? No matter which direction you choose or if you only do one section of the trail, the GR20 does not disappoint!

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