GR20 Full Version

15 days
T3 trails
Distance: 15 - 20 km per day
500 - 1000 ascent per day

> Spend the night in mountain huts
> Walk the full GR20
> Choose the trekking direction that suits you best.

The GR20, also known as fra li Monti, is a GR (Grande Randonnée) hiking trail that crosses the Mediterranean island of Corsica and runs roughly from north to south. The whole route is about 180 km long with an altitude difference of 12,000 m. This GR route is considered one of the toughest of all GR routes. Are you ready for it?

Why both ways?
You can walk the GR20 in either direction, north to south, or south to north. The most popular route starts in Calenzana, in the north, and ends in Conca, in the south. However, if you want to enjoy a quieter route and encounter fewer people, we recommend starting from the south. It's up to you (or the availability of the huts) which direction you choose.

Camping: during this trek, you can also spend the night at camping sites. Contact our trekking experts to find out more about this option!



Calenzana - Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu

Duration: 05:55 h
Distance: 11.4 km
Ascent: 1370 m
Descent: 90 m
The 1st stage of the GR20 trail starts in Calenzana (275 m) and climbs to Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu (1570 m), which is also its highest point of today's stage.

Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu


Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu - Refuge de Carrozzu

Duration: 04:05 h
Distance: 7.5 km
Ascent: 600 m
Descent: 850 m
The 2nd stage of the trail starts in Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu (1570 m) and ends in Refuge de Carrozzu (1270 m). The highest point is the ridge at 2020 m above Col d'Avartoli.

Refuge de Carrozzu


Refuge de Carrozzu - Refuge d'Asco Stagnu

Duration: 04:00 h
Distance: 5.3 km
Ascent: 710 m
Descent: 570 m
The 3rd stage starts in Refuge de Carrozzu (1270 m) and ends in a ski resort of Haut Asco, at the d'Asco Stagnu refuge, 1422 m. The highest point of the day is Col de Stagni, at 2010 m.

Refuge d'Asco Stagnu

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  • Booking the huts

    We will take care of arranging accommodation on the GR20 for you. We will also provide you with a detailed itinerary for every stage and instructions on how to get to the trailhead.

  • Full travel guide

    We will send you on your way with a digital travel guide that includes a route description for the GR20, interactive hiking maps, and the most important information applicable to your trek

  • Accommodation on the GR20

    We will arrange your accommodation on the GR20 in mountain huts. The mountain huts along the GR20 offer basic shared accommodation and food. These refuges come under the regional Corsican natural park’s authority and can host 25-50 people depending on the hut. In case the mountain huts are fully booked, we will automatically book a tent for you. In Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu, you will spend the night in a tent in all cases.


  • Traveling to and from

    You have to make your own way to the starting point. The total amount does not include personal transport.

  • Transfers

    Should you need any form of (public) transport on location, this is not part of the trekking package. This includes the use of taxi, bus, cable cars, gondolas etc.

  • Travel Insurance

    Your international travel insurance is your own responsibility. Discuss your itinerary with the insurance company before your trek.

  • Personal expenses

    Personal expenses on such as souvenirs, drinks, and other similar expenses are for your own account.

  • Meals

    Meals are not included in the price on the GR20. You can get something to eat at the mountain huts along the way or you can get food from the towns below the trail. If you want to have a warm dinner at the hut, remember to ask for it as soon as you get to the hut.


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