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There are currently more than 700 so-called multi-day hiking trails in the United Kingdom, of which the vast majority can be found in England. Some long distance walks are well marked, offer luggage transport and have plenty of accommodation options. However, other routes, in more remote parts of the country, require some navigational skills and walking experience.

With so many routes to offer, it can be difficult to choose your route! But at Bookatrekking.com we are here to help you and we have put together our top 5 best multi-day hikes in the UK. What are you waiting for?

The best long distance walks in England

Below, you will find the 5 best long distance walks in England according to Bookatrekking.com Trekking Experts.

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1. The Cotswold Way, South England

Distance:164 kilometers / 102 miles

Duration: 6-10 days

This jewel of a walk through the limestone hills of the Cotswolds is surprisingly not challenging, even though it is a spectacular landscape, with a towering mountain and one of the most beautiful cities in England. It runs from Bath to Chipping Campden, and is an average of 180 metres high. This is an easy walk through a picturesque landscape, with a highlight at Cleeve Cloud, which is 330 metres above sea level. Along the way you'll pass ancient settlements and wild forests. Best of all, you'll come across countless teahouses along the way for a snack and a decent cup of coffee.

2. Hadrian's Wall Path, Chollerford to Birdoswald Fort, North England

Distance: 135 kilometers / 83 miles

Duration: 6-8 days

This enormous wall, which stretches for 135 kilometres in the north of England, is one of Britain's most spectacular ancient monuments. Hadrian's Wall is named after the Roman emperor who had it built (between 122 and 128 A.D.). The original intention was to separate the Romans from the "barbarian" Scottish Picts. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 84 mile long path that runs along it is covered with ancient settlements, forts and fascinating museums. One of the best stretches for walking is the 30 kilometre stretch between Chollerford (at Hexham station) and Birdoswald Fort (east of Carlisle). This is the highest part of the Wall and offers stunning views of the Lake District and the Pennines. Even better, it can be done in a weekend. Don't miss the interactive exhibition on the history of the Wall at the Roman Army Museum in Carvoran.  

3. The South West Coast Path, Southwest England

Distance: 1014 kilometers / 630 miles

Duration: 8 weeks

The South West Coast Path is the longest marked walking route in Britain. It follows the entire coast of southwest England. It is an ancient walking route, which was once used by coastguards patrolling the coast, looking for smugglers coming into England from France. The route was also used by fishermen who monitored the state of the sea from land. The South West Coast Path has been named England's best walking route twice, and for a good reason. After all, you'll be hiking through some of the most dramatic landscapes in England. The route is 630 miles long, which is equivalent to 1014 kilometers and leads you from Minehead to South Haven Point through fishing villages, mountain passes, valleys and busy seaside towns. During this hike, you'll even have the opportunity to see dolphins, seals and whales! This hike is divided into 8 one-week sections and runs from Minehead to South Haven Point.

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4. The Coast to Coast Trail, North England

Distance: 310 kilometers / 192 miles

Duration: 12-14 days

The Coast to Coast trail is one of the most famous walks in Britain. The walk runs from the west coast of northern England to the east coast. This 192 mile walk starts at St. Bees in the west and ends at Robin Hood's Bay in the east. It passes through three national parks along the way, the Lake District National Park, the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the North York Moors National Park. This route was devised by writer Alfred Wainwright and was first described in his 1972 guide 'A Coast to Coast Walk'.  

5. The South Downs Way, Sussex, South England

Distance: 160 kilometers / 99 miles

Duration: 7-9 days

We can thank the early English settlers for the South Downs Way; the route was carved out about 6000 years ago when they laid their tracks on the top of the dry hills (instead of the swampy Weald below). The trails have been used for generations, including bronze age traders and marching Romans, and the network of trails provides an ideal long distance hike, even for those with little experience in long hikes. There are many accommodation options along the way and the routes are well signposted, but be sure to take a few detours, you may find historic buildings, cosy pubs and simply a view of the chalk cliffs and the English Channel.

The Right of Way

Like Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, England has the right of way. It requires landowners to keep a footpath clear across their land. This makes it possible to make long journeys. The cream of the crop is the National Trails. These are the previously mentioned well-maintained national trails that show you the way on some of the most special walks in the United Kingdom.

Code of Conduct

On all those footpaths - through fields, through protected moors, or over vulnerable cliffs - rules of conduct apply: the Country Code as it is called in England and Wales. The Country Code is a set of rules for visitors to rural and agricultural regions of the United Kingdom. The Country Code dates back to the 1930's and was renewed in 2004.

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The best season for hiking in England

July and August are the warmest months in Great Britain. The sun generally shines the most and longest. This is therefore a nice travel time for an active walking holiday. Also, many flowers and the famous heather are in full bloom. September can also be considered a good travel month for a walking holiday, thanks to the still pleasant temperatures and the smaller numbers of tourists. In the winter months and especially December, January, and February, the average temperatures are the lowest and there is the most precipitation, which makes these months the most unsuitable.

Where can I book my walking holiday in England?

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