The Corfu Trail: Explore the Island From Head to Toe

By Annemiek Meulenbeld

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Hiking the Corfu Trail? Explore the island from head to toe that takes you from south to north. The island is known for its welcoming people and diverse sightseeing. Hike the entire island in just 9 days and enjoy the green nature, long golden sandy beaches and local Greek food. Curious? tells you all about the Corfu Trail!

Corfu is often associated with sun, sea and beach holidays, but the island has much more to offer than! Walk along golden sandy beaches, quiet mountain villages, green olive groves and enjoy the eventful history of this beautiful island! Ideal for day hikes or for the adventurous people who would like to complete the full Corfu Trail. Below you will find all the information you need to know about this wonderful hike!

What and Where Is the Corfu Trail?

Corfu is one of the many Greek islands and was formerly called Corcyra. The island is about 62 kilometers long and 32 kilometres wide. Greece's northernmost island is also the greenest of all and is also considered one of the most beautiful islands. Corfu is also known for its hospitable and friendly people.

The Corfu Trail starts in the most south-eastern point of the island, just below the town of Kavos. This trail offers many different highlights such as long golden sandy beaches, green olive groves, local Greek villages and the beautiful Lake Korrision.

Is the Corfu Trail for Me?

The Corfu Trail welcomes everyone! This 150-kilometer (93-miles) trek is divided into 10 stages and offers you the complete Corfu experience. The original route is divided into 10 stages, but because of the accommodation options, we modified it to a 9-day itinerary, so you always end up in a village or town with enough facilities.

However, there are stages in between where you walk at least 20 kilometers, but on well-trodden trails. The ascent and descent during the route does not go above 1,000 metres in a day. The route has few technical difficulties and with good physical condition, the Corfu Trail is for you as well!

What Is the Best Season for the Corfu Trail?

You can hike the Corfu Trail basically all year round, only the time from November to February is not attractive because of the weather. Besides, during this period, a lot is closed such as local hotels and restaurants. It becomes quite a challenge to book all accommodations along the way. The best season to hike this trek is from May to October. The weather is then pleasant and the tourist season in full swing!

If we had to recommend a specific period, it would be hiking in May, June or September. During these months, the weather is quite pleasant as the sun is less bright and you don't have a warm sea breeze.

Corfu Trail Accommodations

During the Corfu Trail, you can either spend the night in cozy local hotels or in a typical Greek B&B or apartment. You will receive a warm welcome from Corfu's friendly and helpful locals. The problem with the Corfu Trail is that the stages end mostly in very small towns, where there usually are only 1, 2, or maybe 3 accommodation options. We have therefore put together the Corfu Trail packages in a way that you always end up in a village or town with enough facilities after a walking day.

Did you know that we can book all huts and refuges for the Corfu Trail for you? Check out all our options here.

Corfu Trail Day-to-Day Itinerary

This itinerary covers the entire Corfu Trail Long Read. You start in the south of Corfu and hike all the way to the top of the island.


Arrival on Corfu

Welcome to Greece! Today you arrive in Kavos and are expected in a pleasant hotel. Your overnight stay includes breakfast. An airport transfer can be arranged at an additional fee of 110 EUR per vehicle. This is optional and can be added to your booking.

Hotel Cavomarina Beach (Kavos)


From Kavos to Lefkimmi

Duration: 03:40 h
Distance: 16.2 km
Ascent: 290 m
Descent: 270 m
From Kavos town, you''ll hike south to the official starting point of the Corfu Trail. The first stage will lead you along the southernmost tip of the island and walk up through Arkoudilas Beach towards the town of Lefkimmi. Along the way, you will come across a small local village called Spartera where you can stop for a coffee on the terrace.

Archontiko Danae (Lefkimmi)


From Lefkimmi to Agios Georgios

Duration: 03:20 h
Distance: 15 km
Ascent: 190 m
Descent: 190 m
Today is a similar stage to your first day. You start from Lefkimmi and walk towards the west coast. The last 3 kilometers walk along the beautiful coastline of several beaches such as Santa Barbara Beach where you can stop and enjoy the view. Once in Agios Georgies, you will stay in cozy accommodations and watching a sunset or rising is just a few minutes' walk away.

Andriana Apartments (Agios Georgios)


From Agios Georgios to Paramonas

Duration: 03:30 h
Distance: 16.3 km
Ascent: 120 m
Descent: 90 m
This stage of the Corfu Trail is mostly along the water and has little elevation gain. Lake Korission belongs to Corfu island and is separated from the Ionian Sea by a beautiful wide walkway and beach. After 4 kilometres along this beautiful coast, you will walk north to the town of Paramonas, where you will spend the night in a local accommodation.

Aparthotel Sotiria (Paramonas)


From Paramonas via Dafnata to Benitses

Duration: 04:20 h
Distance: 16.6 km
Ascent: 660 m
Descent: 690 m
Today you walk from the western side of the island all the way to the eastern side of Corfu. You walk through several Greek local villages such as Stroggili, Vouniatades and Dafnata. Enjoy the local Greek culture and the charming streets in the villages. The original fourth stage stops in Dafnata, but due to the few accommodation options, you''ll hike a little further along the Corfu Trail to the larger beach town Benitses.

Hotel Bella Vista Beach (Benitses)


From Benitses to Pelekas

Duration: 04:50 h
Distance: 18.6 km
Ascent: 710 m
Descent: 710 m
On this day, you hike from the eastern part of the island back to western Corfu. Along the way, you walk through lots of green nature and you' ll pass olive groves. About 5 kilometres before Pelekas, you will arrive at the village of Sinarades where you can have a break to enjoy a delicious Greek meal.

Pension Alexandros (Pelekas)


From Pelekas to Liapades

Duration: 04:00 h
Distance: 17.3 km
Ascent: 330 m
Descent: 410 m
Today you have two options to choose from. You can go for a more challenging variant of the Corfu Trail that takes you along a steep (exciting) climb. However, the route is well-marked and the view is definitely worth the effort! The other option of the Corfu Trail will ensure you have less ascent and descent today. You walk through nature where you are surrounded by tranquillity and beautiful green trees. Both trails eventually reconnect at the village of Giannades, offering you the perfect opportunity to catch your breath before starting your final few kilometers to Liapedes. You can find the description of the less challenging route here.

Aparthotel Medusa Lux (Liapedes)


From Liapades to Pagi Agios Georgios

Duration: 03:10 h
Distance: 12.4 km
Ascent: 400 m
Descent: 450 m
After a couple of longer stages, today a relatively short planning. After a good breakfast in Liapedes, you''ll hike a bit off the coast to a green rocky area of Corfu. You will then walk along forest trails, back to the island's coastline. In Pagi Agios Georgies, you can enjoy the beach and possibly take a refreshing swim in the Ionian Sea.

Hotel San Georgio Boutique (Agios Georgios Pagoi)


From Pagi Agios Georgios via Sokraki to Ýpsos

Duration: 06:30 h
Distance: 25.8 km
Ascent: 940 m
Descent: 940 m
Today an intense but beautiful stage is waiting for you. You cross the island again from one side to the other, taking you through different areas. From Pagi Agios Georgios, you hike through olive groves and forest roads to the village of Sokraki. From here, it's a short distance to Ýpsos, where an overnight stay will be booked for you. After a long hiking day, you can relax in this cosy town and recharge for the final stage of the Corfu Trail.

The Seaview Corner Apartments (Ýpsos)


From Ýpsos via Old Peritha to Agios Spiridonas

Duration: 06:50 h
Distance: 26.9 km
Ascent: 860 m
Descent: 850 m
This stage is also the longest. After a good breakfast, you hike toward the top of the island. The first part you follow the paths through a forested section of the Corfu Trail. Then the route offers you beautiful distant views across the island to the small village of Old Peritha. The hike continues through green trees and forest paths to the coastal village of Acharavi. From here, you'll go via the top of the island to the final endpoint of the Corfu Trail; Agios Spiridonas.

Hotel Mareblue Beach (St.Spyridon)


Departure day

After breakfast, you can check out. We hope to see you soon! An airport transfer can be arranged at an additional fee of 110 EUR per vehicle. This is optional and can be added to your booking.
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Getting to and From Corfu

The Corfu Trail starts in the south of Corfu island, in the town of Kavos. The hike ends in the north of the island, in Agios Spiridonas. Because Corfu is an island, you can only get there by plane. You can fly to Corfu Town Airport (CFU). Several airlines go to this island such as Easyjet, Transavia and British Airways.

Getting to Kavos

There are two ways to get to the starting point in Kavos, by bus or taxi. Many local taxi services are available and there is a taxi stand at the airport. On Corfu, you also have two bus services, the Green Bus and the Blue Bus. The blue buses drive in and around Corfu Town and is for short distances. The green buses go all over the island and a ticket costs approximately between 3.50 and 6.00 euros. Taxi prices range from 60.00 to 100.00 euros per trip.


There are several local taxi companies that can take you to Kavos in an hour.


You can take the 'Green Bus' with a direct service to Kavos and will take you there in about 1.5 hours.

Getting from Agios Spiridonas back to Corfu Town


Again, you can take a taxi from the endpoint back to Corfu Town. This takes also about an hour.


The Green Bus departs from the town of Kassiopi, near Agios Spiridonas. It is about 15 minutes by taxi or a short 7.5 kilometer walk.

Not sure yet or want to discuss your plans for the Corfu Trail with one of our trekking experts? Get in touch today and turn your dreams into memories!

Packing List for the Corfu Trail

It doesn't matter where you are going trekking or for how long: Carrying the right equipment with you is paramount. For a hiking trip in the mountains, you will need, first and foremost, a good backpack. Its size will depend on how many days you will be spending in the mountains, the season, and the clothes you will be taking with you. We have prepared a packing list with some essential clothing that you should include and some extras that you may find useful:
  • Essentials

  • Extras

What to do in case of an Emergency?

A situation is defined as an emergency whenever human life (yours or someone else's) is endangered and there is nothing you can do to resolve the matter. You should call for help if there has been an accident, if there is somebody trapped, if you got lost or in trouble and are unable to continue because of the time of day or weather conditions, or if you are trapped because of technical climbing challenges that exceed your capabilities.

The most important thing to do in an emergency is to stay calm and survey the situation. Do not panic or take useless risks if the people in trouble are difficult to reach. In an emergency, first and foremost, call for assistance. When calling for help, make sure to provide your location and the number of victims and type of injuries. Then, protect the victim from cold and other environmental threats and administer first aid, if you can.

Useful emergency phone numbers:

Emergency Number Ambulance: 166

Emergency Number Police: 100

Hiking the Corfu Trail: With or Without a Guide?

At, you can book the self-guided Corfu Trail trek and other walks in Greece. The route is usually clearly marked, although orientation can be tricky in bad weather and island weather can be unpredictable. Whatever choice you make, you can do the necessary things yourself to be safe on the trail, below are some general rules:

- Communicate with family or friends back home about what your plans are

- Avoid bad weather as much as possible

- Make a note of important telephone numbers, just to be sure

- Share the daily program with the owners of your accommodation, they can also give you advice

- Stay on the route

We arrange accommodation for you and make sure you receive all relevant information in advance. We also share the routes of the stages via the Komoot app, so you have all the information you need digitally and on paper.

The Corfu Trail is indicated by yellow signs. See below an example of a signpost along the route.

At, we not only book your huts, we also send you on your way with a comprehensive hiking guide with the most important information for your Corfu Trail , including interactive Komoot maps. Browse all our options here and turn your dreams into reality.

Where Can I Book My Corfu Trail?

At you can book self-guided Corfu Trail and other treks in Greece. We arrange the accommodations for you and make sure you receive all relevant information well in advance. Find our offers here. If you have any questions about trekking in Greece, please contact our trekking experts. They'll be happy to help!

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